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Takahisa Shiraishi Director's Reel

"A story can move people to change the world."




Takahisa is an award-winning filmmaker who has worked in both Japan and U.S.A, an alumnus of  NYU Tisch School of the Arts Film and TV Production.

He formerly worked for TBS VISION, INC (Tokyo JAPAN); he directed several episode of ONE TIME -the World Architecture- and worked as a U.S. unit director for commercials of PROUD Nomura Holdings.
After he left the company, Takahisa settled in Los Angeles and working as a director.

His short films "More Than One," "Judith" and "Salome" have been selected by several festivals over the world, including Festival de Cannes - the Short Film Corner (Cannes, France), Big Apple Film Festival (New York, NY), Berlin Independent Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), NewFilmmakers New York (New York, NY), and etc.

Since 2019, he has been working for Babel, Inc. in Tokyo as a senior vice president and the top of its production division.

IMDb Credit

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"I believe the motion picture is a universal language."



ONE×TIME The World Architecture/ TBS VISION/ Director(2012〜2015)

Dream Journey/ Ehime CATV/ Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor(2017)



PROUD Nomura Holdings Commercial 2015 Spring/ US Unit Director (2015)

PROUD Nomura Holdings Commercial 2015 Fall/ US Unit Director (2015)

Music Video

Eternally/ Director, Cinematographer, Editor(2017)

- Diamond Award of California Film Awards (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Bronze Medal of Global Music Awards (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Platinum Reel Award of Nevada International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV, 2017)


More Than One/ Director, Editor(2015)

- Winner of Platinum Award of WorldFest Houston (Houston, TX, 2016)

- Official Selection of Festival de Cannes–the Short Film Corner (Cannes, FRANCE, 2016)
- Official Selection of San Antonio Film Festival (San Antonio, TX, 2016)

- Official Selection of Garden State Film Festival (Atlantic City, NJ, 2016)
- Official Selection of Louisville’s International Festival of Film (Louisville, CA, USA, 2015)

- Official Selection of Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (Atlanta, GA, USA, 2015)

- Official Selection of Action on Film International Film Festival (Los Angles, CA, USA, 2015)


Judith/ Director, Writer, Editor(2013)

- Winner of Award of Merit of Accolade Competition (CA, USA, 2013)

- Winner of Best Experimental of Uptown Film Festival (Birmingham, MI, USA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Humboldt Film Festival (Arcata CA, USA, 2014)

- Official Selection of Berlin Independent Film Festival (Berlin, GERMANY, 2014)

- Official Selection of George Lindsey UNA Film Festival (Florence, AL, USA, 2014)

- Official Selection of Festival de Cannes–the Short Film Corner (Cannes, FRANCE, 2013)

- Official Selection of Big Apple Film Festival (New York, NY, USA, 2013)


Salome/ Director, Cinematographer, Editor(2013)

- Official Selection of Festival de Cannes–the Short Film Corner (Cannes, FRANCE, 2014)

- Official Selection of NewFilmmakers New York (New York, NY, USA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Salón Internacional de La Luz (Bogota D.C., COLOMBIA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Downtown Tyler Film Festival (Tyler, TX, USA, 2013)

The Water Never Stays/ Editor(2017)

- Official Selection of Asian Film Festival of Dallas (Dallas, TX, 2017)

- Official Selection of River Film Festival (Padua, ITALY 2017)

remnants/ Editor(2016)

- Winner of the Best Socially-Conscious of Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (Atlanta, GA, USA, 2016)

- Winner of the Best Short Film of Twin Cities Black Film Festival (Minneapolis, MN, 2016)

- Official Selection of LA Indie Fest (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Official Selection of North Hollywood CineFest (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Official Selection of Irvine International Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Official Selection of Pasadena International Film Festival  (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

Aissa’s Story/ Editor(2013)

- Nomination for the Best Short Film of African Movie Academy Awards (NIGERIA, 2015)

- Winner of Best Student Short of Africa International Film Festival (Port Harcourt, NIGERIA, 2014)

- Semifinalist of Student Academy Awards (USA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Pan-African Film & TV Festival of Ouagadougou (Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO, 2015)

- Official Selection of New York African Film Festival (New York, NY, USA, 2014)

- Official Selection of African American Women in Cinema (New York, NY, USA, 2014)


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