Takahisa Shiraishi Director's Reel

"A story can move people to change the world."




Takahisa is a filmmaker having worked in both Japan and U.S.A, an alumnus of  NYU Tisch School of the Arts Film and TV Production.

He formerly worked for TBS VISION, INC (Tokyo JAPAN); he directed several episode of ONE TIME -the World Architecture- and worked as a U.S. unit director for commercials of PROUD Nomura Holdings.
After he left the company, Takahisa has been based in Los Angeles and working as a director.

His short films "More Than One," "Judith" and "Salome" have been selected by several festivals over the world, including Festival de Cannes - the Short Film Corner (Cannes, France), Big Apple Film Festival (New York, NY), Berlin Independent Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), NewFilmmakers New York (New York, NY), and etc.

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"I believe the motion picture is a universal language."



ONE×TIME The World Architecture/ TBS VISION/ Director(2012〜2015)

Dream Journey/ Ehime CATV/ Director, Cinematographer, Writer, Editor(2017)



PROUD Nomura Holdings Commercial 2015 Spring/ US Unit Director (2015)

PROUD Nomura Holdings Commercial 2015 Fall/ US Unit Director (2015)

Music Video

Eternally/ Director, Cinematographer, Editor(2017)

- Diamond Award of California Film Awards (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Bronze Medal of Global Music Awards (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Platinum Reel Award of Nevada International Film Festival (Las Vegas, NV, 2017)


More Than One/ Director, Editor(2015)

- Platinum Award of WorldFest Houston (Houston, TX, 2016)

- Official Selection of Festival de Cannes–the Short Film Corner (Cannes, FRANCE, 2016)
- Official Selection of San Antonio Film Festival (San Antonio, TX, 2016)

- Official Selection of Garden State Film Festival (Atlantic City, NJ, 2016)
- Official Selection of Louisville’s International Festival of Film (Louisville, CA, USA, 2015)

- Official Selection of Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (Atlanta, GA, USA, 2015)

- Official Selection of Action on Film International Film Festival (Los Angles, CA, USA, 2015)


Judith/ Director, Writer, Editor(2013)

- Winner of Award of Merit of Accolade Competition (CA, USA, 2013)

- Winner of Best Experimental of Uptown Film Festival (Birmingham, MI, USA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Humboldt Film Festival (Arcata CA, USA, 2014)

- Official Selection of Berlin Independent Film Festival (Berlin, GERMANY, 2014)

- Official Selection of George Lindsey UNA Film Festival (Florence, AL, USA, 2014)

- Official Selection of Festival de Cannes–the Short Film Corner (Cannes, FRANCE, 2013)

- Official Selection of Big Apple Film Festival (New York, NY, USA, 2013)


Salome/ Director, Cinematographer, Editor(2013)

- Official Selection of Festival de Cannes–the Short Film Corner (Cannes, FRANCE, 2014)

- Official Selection of NewFilmmakers New York (New York, NY, USA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Salón Internacional de La Luz (Bogota D.C., COLOMBIA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Downtown Tyler Film Festival (Tyler, TX, USA, 2013)

The Water Never Stays/ Editor(2017)

- Official Selection of Asian Film Festival of Dallas (Dallas, TX, 2017)

- Official Selection of River Film Festival (Padua, ITALY 2017)

remnants/ Editor(2016)

- Winner of the Best Socially-Conscious of Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (Atlanta, GA, USA, 2016)

- Winner of the Best Short Film of Twin Cities Black Film Festival (Minneapolis, MN, 2016)

- Official Selection of LA Indie Fest (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Official Selection of North Hollywood CineFest (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Official Selection of Irvine International Film Festival (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

- Official Selection of Pasadena International Film Festival  (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)

Aissa’s Story/ Editor(2013)

- Nomination for the Best Short Film of African Movie Academy Awards (NIGERIA, 2015)

- Winner of Best Student Short of Africa International Film Festival (Port Harcourt, NIGERIA, 2014)

- Semifinalist of Student Academy Awards (USA, 2013)

- Official Selection of Pan-African Film & TV Festival of Ouagadougou (Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO, 2015)

- Official Selection of New York African Film Festival (New York, NY, USA, 2014)

- Official Selection of African American Women in Cinema (New York, NY, USA, 2014)


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